Obey Me Plushies FAQ

Here is a rundown what happened to the project:

For almost a year, the previous factory I was using has been ghosting my messages and delaying to modify the first samples, hence resulting in the long wait. Unfortunately, the project is really big and costs were really high and it would have been difficult to switch over to a new and more expensive factory immediately so I had to put up with the previous factory, hoping for them to provide results. For more information, you can read this twitter thread containing my messages with them.

However, the factory closed down in May 2021. I am very lucky to have really nice parents who kindly agreed to loan me money to make up the extra costs necessary to afford production for a new factory. The only unfortunate news is that I am unable to make the demon outfits anymore since the costs for it are way too high. (they are more expensive than the plush by almost double)

Hence, we are now awaiting the completion of plush mass production with the new factory. Regarding the reliability of this factory, they are very efficient and can be trusted, I am using them for my Childe and Zhongli plush and outfit. However, they are very expensive, at least 3-5 times more than the previous factory.

FAQ: About the Plushies

  • Where can I buy them?
    They are available on alicehwyy.bigcartel.com
    Preorders are currently closed as the plushies are currently in production. Leftovers will be put up in my main store (this one) in Mar/Apr 2022's store update
  • How much will the plushies cost?
    Each naked plush is 30 SGD, raincoat outfit is 20 SGD, uniform outfit is 25 SGD and casual outfit is 28 SGD.
  • What is the size of the plushies?
    15cm tall

FAQ: About Shipping

  • Do you ship to my country?
    Yes, I ship worldwide! As long as your country is not included in this THIS LIST, I can ship the plushies to you.
  • I want to purchase other items from your store, along with the plush preorder. Can I combine shipping?
    Unfortunately no, due to the nature of this preorder specifically, I cannot confirm a delivery date for them. Unless you are willing to wait it out you may contact me on Instagram or twitter to combine your order, otherwise I cannot combine shipping. They can be combined when it becomes an instock.

FAQ: Preorder Schedule

  • When will I receive the plushies? Will it make it on time by X date (for bday gift, Christmas gift, etc)?
    Sample production is ongoing right now and is estimated to be completed in October and mass production will start in November, ending in December, arriving in Jan/Feb. Shipments will occur during Feb-Mar.
    However, as is the nature with all preorders, delays outside of my control may happen, especially at times like now, and thus I cannot guarantee any certain delivery dates.


All orders placed automatically agree to terms listed above.

(last updated 27/11/2021)