Pin Grading

Do note every pin is handmade, from filling the enamel to polishing the metal, so keep in mind not all pins can be perfect!


Standard Pins

- highest quality

- minor imperfections may include the following

  • slightly low filling
  • small scratches or scruffs on surfaces
  • tiny pores (looks like bubbles) or faint dust in enamel
  • slight discoloration in metal


B-Grade Pins

- contain a few noticeable imperfections, which can include:

  • small black spots
  • more noticeable scratches or scruffs on surfaces
  • more noticeable tiny pores (looks like bubbles) in enamel
  • more noticeable faint specs/dust



C-Grade Pins

- pins exhibit *major* flaws/imperfections offered at a major discount (up to 50%)

- multiple imperfections which includes:

  • lower quality/leaking/overflow of enamel
  • deep scratches, scruffs. or excess enamel on surfaces
  • low fills in larger or visually prominent areas
  • posts are loose/wiggly/bent
  • noticeable black specs or dust
  • unforeseen problems or imperfections




enamel pin colors may vary depending on your screen/photo editing

upon purchasing any enamel pins, it is assumed that you have read, understood, and agreed to this grading scale. 


thank you for reading! ♡